Experienced educational advocate for ALL students

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I am running for re-election for the Santa Barbara Unified School Board. Since my first day on this board, I have fought passionately for equity and access for all our students. From the of the Resolution to support our immigrant students, to championing of the Ethnic Studies high school requirement, I have made it my job to support ALL students.

I understand the challenges of being a single parent, and a returning back to school so that I could support the educational opportunity for others. These challenges are greater now for families, and as a community liaison, I want to be a support to our parents and families.


  • Served as SB Unified Board President, Vice President, Clerk and now Vice President again
  • I have over 25+ years as an experienced educator, holding an MA and PhD in education


  • Staunch supporter of early childhood programs to ensure pathways to student achievement
  • Must improve the academic and literacy skills of our students across district schools
  • Ensure more mental health support for our students

    • Work tirelessly to close the opportunity gap
    • Ensure equity and access for students of color and persons with disabilities
    • Listen and address the concerns by students in Black Lives Matter movement
    • Advocated the development and implementation of the Cultural Proficiency Framework across all district practices
    • Advocated and collaboratively worked with community to ensure the development of the Ethnic Studies High School Requirement


    • Pushed for accountability to ensure the district is fiscally responsible
    • Strong supporter of prioritizing our resources


    • Strong voice for the community
    • Transparency in communication with parents, teachers, students and the community


  • Strongly support environmental sustainability of our facilities while at the same time pushing that our teaching and learning practices reflect these same principals
  • Committed to increasing our outdoor education, place-based and nature-based education
  • I am proud to have the support of the Santa Barbara County Democratic Party, CAUSE Action Fund, the Sierra Club, Congressman Salud Carbajal, Assemblymember Monique Limón, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, Supervisors Joan Hartmann, Gregg Hart, Das Williams, Santa Barbara City Councilmembers Meagan Harmon, Oscar Gutierrez, Goleta Councilmember James Kyriaco, SBUSD Board Members Wendy Sims-Moten, Rose Munoz, Laura Capps, Goleta School Board Members Susan Epstein, Sholeh Jahangir, and Former County Supervisors Susan Rose and Janet Wolf, Former County Superintendent of Schools Bill Cirone, Former Jack O’Connell, California State Superintendent of Public Instruction.